Screw you Reddit

I put my personal life out there, looking for help and the Reddit people accused me of being a liar.  I never even heard of Reddit until my son suggested that I post it there.  He said that they could help me figure out where to go.  I’m totally uncomfortable with the cyber universe as it is and now I’m just pissed at that group who berated me all night long.  It was nuts that they thought it was a viral marketing campaign!

As though I WANT this to be true about my family!  This is serious shit and I’m sick to my stomach about it.  I’m not even sure if I’ll continue writing this blog, maybe turning to the internet and especially Reddit was a bad idea.  Any other avenues that you suggest?

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3 Responses to Screw you Reddit

  1. /b/ro says:

    Reddit is full of whiny, liberal apologists. The primary problem is that there are very few internet forums that won’t mock everything that is presented to them. I have one suggestion that I can put forward, but I urge you to think carefully before posting. provides occasionally worthy feedback, but it can also be impossibly brutal, it depends on the mood you catch the Anons in. If you post on 4chan at all post in “Advice.” It also might be best to have someone else post for you so that if the whole thing is ridiculed you won’t have to see the results.

  2. emprentissreid says:

    Hahahaha. Hilarious, /b/ro.

    Lady with the trunk: just don’t.

  3. genealogygeek says:

    Welcome to the wild world of the Internet, where the haters rule and the faint of heart get crushed. You probably would have been better off just writing about your family here in a blog and linking it to others doing genealogical research. Too bad you listened to your son. But I say press on. There have to be more records you can look at. Do you live close to NYC? If you do, maybe go to the New York Public Library. I was there a few years back and their resources are almost unlimited. And whatever you do, stay away from sites like Reddit.

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