Thanks to everyone for the support.

When I wrote the last post, I was angry, obviously. I wish this was a hoax, I really do. But this is my life right now and it hurt for those people to rip me apart, but I’m over it.

After some consideration and reading your suggestions, I’ve decided to keep going. I need help for this and right now the Internet is my best resource.

I think I should start by addressing some of the comments that these “redditers” brought up: First, I never said that I thought my uncle was Jack the Ripper. It was the newspapers at the time that linked Alice Walsh to the Ripper, not me. The false panel in the trunk is true. Why would I make up something so absurd? The trunk is giving me nightmares now.  And I am old enough for this whole thing to be playing out in real time, that’s why I’m freaked.  I have a reunion coming up and I’m not sure what I’m going to say when it’s my turn to toast..

BTW, can someone explain what trolling is? And viral marketing? As for the Wikipedia, I did not make the entries, and the person that did apparently got banned or something. I can barely figure out WordPress.

I am not trying to fool anyone and I appreciate all the support and feedback you’ve given.  I am going to contact NYC again, they’ve been giving me the runaround for a while but I’m not giving up.

I found this article about the Alice Walsh in my trunk contents.

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12 Responses to Thanks to everyone for the support.

    • Wow, that’s a serious connection!

      • emprentissreid says:

        To be fair, newspapers back then were selling products to cure chicken cholera next to recipes for fruitcake.

      • smitty says:

        Newspapers are a good starting point. I believe the police would very much be interested in an unsolved murder despite the amount of time that has passed. A homicide investigation is never closed unless solved.

  1. JMP says:

    Share some more… I find it interesting. Plus, I would definetley get police involved – you never know. Maybe he was just interested in these deaths, or maybe he was involved in it – either way maybe some closure will get ou of it. There is nothing you have to be scared of.

    • emprentissreid says:

      I don’t think the police care about a 110 year old case. I am interested in more info, though. You said there were other women than Walsh?

  2. Matt says:

    I’m more of a lurker, but i’ve been following your posts now. I think you have valid points and it’s definitely the kind of things you should keep looking into. Hell if someone in my family was a serial killer i’d definitely want to know. If it turns out to be true, you should go back to Reddit and do an AMA. It’ll be a nice slap in the face.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Do you have an e-mail that I can write you to?

  4. Hang in there. People can be real jerks sometimes.

    I find this really fascinating. I hope the NYPD does, too.

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